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Guided Stargazing Tours in the Ramon Crater Dark Sky Park for Families, Companies, and Future Astronauts

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The Middle East’s Only Dark Sky Park

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The skies darken and the desert sands around you fade away as the last rays of the setting sun slip away over the horizon. In the deepening twilight above you first one, then another, then thousands of stars begin to glimmer against the glowing backdrop of the Milky Way. A cool breeze carries the rich aroma of burning cedar from the campfire, mixed with the sweet smell of fresh tea bubbling nearby. Long forgotten are the phone calls and emails, the trappings of the modern world. You are now reconnecting to long-forgotten instincts encoded in thousands of generations of DNA as you experience true nightfall in all of its majesty.

Welcome to the Ramon Crater Dark Sky Park

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Stargazing Experience

From ₪1900 for up to 12 participants
From ₪2900 for up to 25 participants

Embark on a celestial journey and immerse yourself in the captivating world of stargazing. Our expert astronomers will guide you through the mysteries of the night sky, unveiling constellations, planets, and distant galaxies.

Experience the awe-inspiring beauty of the cosmos through our state-of-the-art telescopes, where stars come to life with dazzling clarity. Expand your knowledge with engaging discussions and fascinating insights into the universe.

Whether you’re an astronomy enthusiast or a curious soul, our stargazing experience promises to transport you to a realm where the wonders of the universe unfold before your eyes.

A Taste of the Desert

Add ₪ 1300 for up to 12 participants

Add ₪1900 for up to 25 participants

Enhance your special events and family get-togethers with our snack package, combining the enchantment of a stargazing tour with delightful light refreshments.

Immerse yourself in the celestial wonders while savoring a carefully curated selection of wine, artisanal cheeses, fresh fruits, and delectable baked goods. As the night sky unveils its mesmerizing tapestry, gather around, connect with your loved ones, and indulge in a celestial feast for the senses.

Our expert astronomers will accompany you on this extraordinary journey, ensuring that your special event or family gathering becomes an unforgettable blend of cosmic marvels and cherished memories.


see the heavens

With a good telescope and a knowledgeable guide, the vast expanses of space become a living laboratory of nebulae, star clusters, galaxies and more

How many stars can you see in the night skies above your home? If you’re like the majority of people in the world it may only be one or two dozen. If you live in a major city you may even be able to count them on your fingers – perhaps even on one hand! In the Ramon Crater, on the other hand, a good night will enable you to see between two to five thousand stars.

And embedded within this rich tapestry of background stars lie a rich selection of objects that reveal to us the history of our cosmos. Bright young star clusters containing the youngest stars in our galaxy. Brilliant planets that could harbor clues about the origins of life in our solar system. Ancient galaxies that can teach us about the early years of our universe and how this whole universe came to be.

History and Philosophy of Science

Stand on the shoulders of giants – from Newton to Einstein to Penrose – who progressed our understanding of astronomy and the fundamental physics at the heart of reality 

Intro to Astrophysics

Explore the lifecycles of stars to understand how these cosmic pressure cookers shape the universe around us on the most fundamental level, creating the very material from which you, I, and the entire galaxy are made 

Celestial Navigation

Navigate the skies the old-fashioned way as you learn the secrets of celestial navigation that enabled humankind to first learn their place on Earth by learning the place of objects in the sky.

Space Exploration

Discover the current and upcoming missions in the works at NASA and around the world that will take humanity further and further into the final frontier.

The Nature of Reality

Challenge the most basic assumptions you have about existence and reality as you come face-to-face with cosmic forces so powerful they will leave you wondering what and when you really are.

And Some Beautiful Views, Too

Before we get too ahead of ourselves, it’s important to remember that above all else, stargazing is a chance to enjoy some objectively beautiful views.


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